Why it’s important to look after our mental health

We all know about the importance of eating the right things and exercising regularly to look after our bodies, but are we as aware of the importance of looking after our mental health?

Maintaining good mental health allows us to enjoy life more and feel equipped to face up to all the challenges it throws our way. If you look after your mental health, it will feed into your body too – surely that’s a ‘win win’ situation, right? And if you don’t take care of you – all the other important jobs you do, will start to suffer too.Whether that’s working, learning, looking after your family, volunteering, days out etc. So, what can we do to maintain good mental health?


Steady energy- keeping your body healthy will also keep your mind feeling good. The food we eat has a direct effect on our energy levels, mood, and physical health. But remember, no one body works the same, so please consult a healthcare professional to find what are the best foods that are right for you.


Sleep well– your body needs to be given time every day to rest and heal. Reset your sleep cycle at our Sand Sea Spa Retreats. Our vitality spa pool will help you relax your muscles and mind or get a helping hand from nature by filling your lungs with fresh sea air on one of our coastal hikes, followed by a warming cup of herbal tea with a sea view - just the ticket for blissful relaxation.


Regular fitness– everyone can benefit from improved mental health through regular physical activity, it also helps to reduce stress as well. At our Devon Spa Retreat, you can choose fitness options to suit any mood from an invigorating surf to a mindful yoga class meditation – it’s all about moving at a pace that is right for you.


Protect your mental health and ensure the feeling of wellbeing and strength remains constant by checking you have the right balance in your life.

Feeling an imbalance in your life? Then check yourself into a Sand Sea Spa Retreat right here in the UK, where fitness meets wellness. Find out more by emailing us on: hello@sandseasparetreats.com