Why attend a surf, yoga, fitness retreat?

Craving sand, sea, and yoga? Well, these are all tell-tale signs you’re in need of a retreat.



There are few things better than spending time by the ocean to relax your body and mind. At Sand Sea SpaRetreats, we fully appreciate the power of nature to re-energise and revive your soul and here in Devon, surfing, wild swimming, and paddle boarding are all favourite pastimes of ours. We feel passionately that you would also find peace and happiness amongst the beauty of nature here. Cold water immersion can help float your worries away, whilst meeting wonderful like-minded people. This no-pressure environment encourages confidence to try out new things, regardless of your experience – and that’s a cause to celebrate if ever we heard one! So, wrap yourself up in neoprene and dive into the pumping waves with us!



It’s one of our favourite pastimes (ok, we aren’t sure if we can decide which we love more, surf or yoga!) and it’s great to plan your next downward dog to be in a place that isn’t fixed into a short time frame class, sandwiched somewhere between dinner prep and catch-up work emails. Retreat yoga provides calming structure to rebalance those erratic workdays and allows you the chance to delve deeper into the practice and experience more complex topics of philosophy, anatomy, or meditation. It’s hard to immerse yourself in these teachings when you’re caught up in day-to-day routines – a retreat allows you that precious time and stillness to absorb every detail and fully relax the mind and body.



Choose a luxury health retreat and give your body the best present it’s had in years. We all value the chance to relax on a holiday but on a fitness retreat you also gain the bonus of addressing your wellbeing goals and returning to home with benefits that will long outlast any tan. Seize the opportunity where fitness becomes fun and takes place in stunning surroundings where you can access a whole range of wellness activities.On a fitness retreat, you can disconnect from the distractions of daily life and ignite inspiration to achieve your goals, whether that’s to get fit, eat more healthily, de-stress or finish the day and be able to sleep like a log! Return home rejuvenated with motivation and a whole new perspective.


It that tickles your fancy, it’s all waiting for you right here in the UK. Find out more about a Sand Sea SpaRetreat by emailing us: hello@sandseasparetreats.com