What to bring on a beach picnic date.

Whether it’s a first date, special anniversary or just because you want to make the most of our natural North Devon beaches, going on a picnic date is a great way to make memories.


Romantic charm and relaxing vibes do take a little bit of planning action but, it’s worth it! Use our handy check list to make sure you have everything you need:


1.   A backpack or basket to pack all your goodies in, some of our most picturesque beaches are quite a walk away from where you park your car.


2.   Something comfy to sit on. No one like sandy or damp clothes. If you’re planning on watching the sun, go down, be sure to pack an extra blanket so you can cosy up together.


3.   No one likes warm fizz or beer, so a drinks cooler or reusable ice packs are perfect to ensure its icy cold every time! Oh, and triple check you have a bottle opener, that would be disaster!


4.   A cheese or charcuterie board is great way to enjoy nibbles with very little preparation.


5.   Pack some unbreakable wine glasses to avoid accidents and ensuring you leave our beautiful beaches safe for barefoot sunset strolls.


If you feel like treating your loved one to a beach picnic, North Devon’s beaches are the perfect retreat for a romantic getaway.