Ways to have a more relaxed start to the year

Wow 2022 was a lot, wasn’t it? Work, family, social priorities, stress can come at us from every corner, no matter what time of life we are in. So, let’s start how we mean to go on: build in these simple steps to ensure you start 2023 in a more relaxed state of mind:


Be Realistic

We all know New Year resolutions don’t often last the whole year long. One issue is that we can sometimes set the bar too high, and then we get overwhelmed, and those good intentions fall by the wayside. Establishing realistic resolutions isa good way to set yourself up for success. Try not to focus on the outcome you want, like wanting to lose 14lbs or fitting into ‘those’ jeans. It’s better to build your goals around the process, such as exercising four times a week. Or adding an extra portion of veg to your plate.


Make Goals

A goal is your aim for the long-term future. Without goals, we can lack a degree of direction and focus but without them we are in danger of wasting our time, energy, and efforts. The goals you set for yourself will help align your actions and will give you a list of tangible and achievable actions you can take in order to take your life from where it is now to where you want it to go as well as helping you to continue moving forward.


Keep Balance

Don’t be afraid to say no. Sometimes part of finding balance in life is learning how to set priorities. If you struggle with saying “no” when asked to do something, you may find that you’re taking on more tasks than you can healthily accomplish.Create a list of priorities, you can start to use that list as you take on new responsibilities to identify when to say no.


Connect with Nature

Spending time in nature when you feel stressed may help you relax. When you’re feeling stressed, get outside and go for a short walk, or simply sit in nature. Clearing your mind and focusing on the simple sounds of nature, such as the waves crashing on the sand or the birds in the trees is relaxing for both body and mind.


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