Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Spend More Time in Nature

At Sea Sand Spa Retreats, we are inspired by our natural playground here in beautiful North Devon. Spending time in green and blue spaces allows the power of nature to heal, soothe, restore, and invigorate your mind, body, and soul. So, what can it do for you? Let us explain…


Improves wellbeing -exercising outdoors in natural green settings makes you feel restored, less anxious, or depressed.


Boosts creativity - just one hour spent outdoors and interacting with nature improves our memory and attention span - what a perfect little productivity reset bonus!


Rebalances your centre -put down those electronic devices. Instead, head out into nature. It will create the inner calm your body is crying out for, you will be able to discard those everyday stresses and focus on something pure, your body will relax.


Rejuvenates your sleep cycle - our bodies require a blast of sunlight to regulate our melatonin levels, a hormone that makes us ready for sleep each night. Getting out in the sunshine will ensure a restful, restorative sleep and a fully rejuvenated new you!  


Boosts happiness - “Go get some vitamin D” is an age-old parental refrain used to boot us out of the house but unsurprisingly, they were right. Vitamin D is great at promoting bone and dental health. Moreover, it lifts our mood and lowers our blood pressure (literally by relaxing our blood vessels) Thanks Vit D, you little superstar!


A breath of fresh air – slow, deep breaths are encouraged by The Great Outdoors, it helps calm us down and dampen the production of stress hormones. So, stop and smell the flowers, listen to the birdsong or soak up the crash of the waves.Let your body chill out a bit – it deserves a break.


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