Top 5 Reasons To Get In The Sea

Being by the sea makes us happier and healthier humans – and now it’s a scientific fact.


SandSea Spa Retreats looks out across the expansive golden sands of Saunton Beach,North Devon and is one of the UK’s best beaches for swimming and water sports. We adore the sea and all its health benefits – and that’s what we want to share with you. So, come and find out why we believe you should get yourself fully submerged in our gorgeous Atlantic Ocean waters:


IT MAKES YOU HAPPIER Sea water reduces and eliminates stress and anxiety, allowing your body to relax and in return, you benefit from a quality night’s sleep. As well as this ‘feel good’ endorphin release, you get to spend quality time with friends and family.


IT REJUVENATES SKIN Sea water fully exfoliates your skin and flushes out the impurities. All the salty water goodness along with the sunshine rays, regenerates the skin. Any sufferers of acne, ulcers, eczema, lupus and psoriasis will find it clears up with some regular salty dips. TheSource Spa at Saunton Sands also offer a range of relaxation marine-inspired treatments to ensure you experience full body restoration.


IT BOOSTS THE IMMUNE SYSTEM Now, more than ever, we are focused on making sure our immune system is firing on all cylinders. After just a quick dip in the bracing ocean waters, our blood cells shoot up, giving our bodies a rejuvenating blast.


IT IMPROVES BREATHING and a lung full of sea air followed by a swim in the sea will eliminate any nasty cold or bugs, leaving you able to breathe more easily.


IT’SA FULL BODY WORKOUT Swimming in the sea works every muscle in your body. Our friendly Sand Sea Spa Retreat Personal Trainers also use their expertise to make sure you maximise your body’s full range of movement during your stay.


What are you waiting for? You’ve heard it from us so come and try it out for yourselves and take your first salty dip in the ocean!


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