The R Word

Everyone needs time to relax but our busy lives often get in the way. We sometimes forget how important it is, especially if we’re stressed or worried about something, and might even feel guilty for taking time for ourselves.

In fact, relaxing can have a really positive impact on our bodies, increasing blood flow, slowing our heart rate and reducing blood pressure. It can also help to improve our mood, make us feel more confident and ensure we get a better night’s sleep.

So, really, there’s no reason not to do it. Here are our top tips for switching off and relaxing this winter:

  • Take a walk – fresh air and being in nature is really good for you
  • Read a magazine or start the book that’s been sitting on your bedside table for a while
  • Have a bath (preferably with lots of bubbles)
  • Watch a film or binge on the latest Netflix series
  • Breathe slowly for a few minutes – count to four as you breathe in and again as you breathe out
  • Listen to your favourite music or, if you use Spotify, check out their ‘Calm Vibes’ playlist
  • Go to a yoga class or do some stretches at home
  • Turn off your phone (those emails and Insta posts can wait until tomorrow)
  • Picture yourself in your favourite place... that beach in Greece was pretty awesome, right?
  • Join us on a Sand Sea Spa retreat

On our retreats, you’ll get the chance to be active but also relax – in the yoga studio, in the spa and in your free time. You can design your own schedule so, if you fancy taking an afternoon nap or having a massage after your surf lesson or gym class, go for it! We’re all about the R word at Sand Sea Spa.

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