The importance of setting wellness goals for 2022

The start of the new year is a great opportunity to reflect and reset the mind, body, and spirit; setting yourself some health and wellness goals will ensure you are your healthiest self, going forward.


What are wellness goals?


Wellness means different things to different people. But overall, being healthy means feeling at peace, with serene and happy thoughts that enable you to respond positively to modern life. They’re an easy way to create a healthier and happier outlook for the year ahead, laying a pathway for how to get there. t’s all about creating achievable goals to help you strike a meaningful balance, where they become daily habits to last a lifetime.


How do I identify these goals?


You might have a pile of goals you would like to set yourself but take some time to sift through them and decide which will be your top priority as this is the first step to making these goals achievable. Do this by deciding on your top 3 or try ordering them from highest to lowest priority. Wellness goals are often centred around these common areas:


Healthy Eating

Managing Stress

Physical Exercise

Managing Weight


Our top wellness goals to set this year:


§  Set a morning routine because how you start your day matters. It could just be to wake up 15 minutes earlier, giving you more time to ease into the day.

§  Develop your evening routine to include wind-down activities, such as reading, yoga or organising. Choose habits that are calming and relaxing and yourself a strict time to finish all work-related tasks.

§  Inhale fresh air for 20minutes a day and focus on the process, visualising your lungs filling up. The sea air at our spa retreat in Devon is energy-restoring and great for emotional healing.

§  Get outside for 30minutes a day for a walk or run. Moving the body is important for maintaining heart health and decreasing stress levels.

§  Incorporate cold water therapy into your week by immersing yourself in water that’s around 15 degrees C.This practice can help with circulation; spike your energy levels and deepen sleep.

§  Add more fresh vegetables to your plate and you will find the benefits to your heath are countless.

§  Harness the power of nature by going to places where you are surrounded by the natural world – forests, coast, or mountains. Feel the energy revitalise you. Our retreats in Devon offer the natural therapy to restore your spirit.

§  Stretch for 10 minutes each day to help strengthen and repair muscles in the body. It will also help decompress from a day of work, helping to relieve stress.


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