Ten reasons why we love the spa at Sand Sea Spa Retreats

Imagine what a great big old hug from the arms of Mother Nature might feel like. Well, that’s what we love about the luxurious welcome you receive when visiting our spa on a Sand Sea Spa Retreat. Inspired by nature – the spa is all about helping your body and mind benefit from our natural wellbeing space where you can escape and recharge.


1.   Vitality Pool– experience saltwater therapy (thalassotherapy) in our 38-degree heated pool, rich in mineral Dead Sea salts. It provides a mini-hydrotherapy experience to ease and relax your muscles, all set in front of a stunning beach backdrop.


2.   Finnish Aroma Sauna– a favourite past time in Finland for thousands of years and used regularly for relaxation and immersion in calming aromas. This dry heat therapy has numerous health benefits for the body and mind.


3.   Ice Fountain & ContrastShower – gently ease yourself into a wild swimming environment, safe in the comfort of our contrast showers (and none of the chilly running down and back to the water’s edge!) Take it one step further with an ‘ice therapy’ experience at our own marble ice fountain of flaked ice –not just a pastime of athletes, it also has health and beauty benefits, such as muscle relaxation and cleansed skin.


4.   Treatments– derived from nature, our treatments are hand-picked to compliment each spa treatment. Tailored to soothe, invigorate, and nourish body and mind, they are packed with natural ingredients and cruelty-free to ensure your skin is fed with only the good stuff. From facials to hot stones, there’s something for everyone.


5.   Salt Inhalation Steam Room– no need to visit the salt caves of Poland, Russia, or the Ukraine when you can experience them for yourself right here in the UK. Halotherapy is a natural treatment therapy for breathing and immune system boosting, dating all the wayback to Ancient Greece. You can experience it too in our steam room, which releases salt vapours into the air.


6.   Rooftop Relaxation Room and SunTerrace – soak up panoramic views of our beautiful coastline and breathe in the fresh salty air on the sun deck as you relax in comfortable style accompanied by a refreshing infused water or glass of bubbly to share with a friend. Retreat inside to quiet, serene comfort and find your zen amid the chill out vibes as you absorb the benefits of your thermal spa journey.


7.   Gym-hit the gym with confidence and receive a full-body workout thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment. Whether it’s a cardio workout, feeling a resistance burn or strength training – plug in your headphones and sweat it out.


8.   Swimming Pools– two large pools are located both inside and out so you can take a revitalising swim and work up an appetite for lunch or just chill out with a soothing experience and stretch out with a good book, poolside. The outdoor pool has one of the best views in Devon (let us know if you agree with us!) and through the winter months, receive cold water therapy benefits without the need for sandy toes!


9.   Exercise Classes– our knowledgeable and friendly instructors are here to listen and personalise both our yoga and fitness classes to fit your needs, ensuring you work safely and achieve the best results, whatever your journey.


10.  Beaches– it’s not just our spa that’s amazing, we also have a natural playground located just outside our doors. Sink your toes into  the 3 miles of golden sands at Saunton Beach, breathe in the fresh air straight off the Atlantic and refresh yourself in the salty spray of the sea.