TAKE A HIKE! (in a good way of course)

Stomping down our Devon coastal paths is one of our favourite pastimes - fresh sea air, sunning views and great company! We can’t recommend it enough. But often, when we walk, we tend to ignore our posture or technique.


Walking is a great way to stay active, improve your health and it’s an activity for all - fun, flexible and free!


If done right, walking is a full body workout! Posture is key:


•     Keep your head and chin parallel to the ground

•     Create space in your spine by avoiding slouching

•     Loosen your shoulders by swinging your arms gently

•     Engage your core muscles by pulling your bellybutton in.

•     Focus on your steps landing gently on your heel and rolling through to your toe


Walking techniques offer both physical and mental health benefits so why not incorporate a variety of these on your next walk:


1. Power walking


You may recall Harold Bishop doing this back in those golden oldie Neighbours’ days! But it’s actually a great cardio endurance workout done at a quick jogging pace with rigorous arm swings (weights optional) The key to perfection is a 90-degree arm swing and a heel-to-toe foot landing.


2. Marathon Walking


This technique is all about maintaining a steady pace over along distance. Great for long walks around the beautiful coast of Devon. You start walking at a comfortable pace for one hour and steadily increasing it to 3 hours which is brilliant for building stamina while you enjoy the views!Ensure you take a bottle of water and snacks - although, round our way, there’s plenty of cute little tea rooms to plan into your hike!


3. Mindful Walking


Calm your mind as you move your body by trying out this form of meditative walking. As you walk, complete simple breathing exercises that allow your mind to become aware of both your surroundings and your thoughts resulting in an uplifted mood.


4. Stroll Walking


Try to look for opportunities to fit in a daily stroll for yourself or with friends. Never underestimate the health benefits for mind and body.


Did you know that May is National Walking month?! Why not organise a BFF weekly get together and try out these different walking techniques?You never know, you may continue National Walking month into the rest of the year!