Sand Sea Spa Retreats Meet Blossom Yoga Wear

Spring is in the air and at Sand Sea Spa Retreats we love nothing better than rocking out some stylish leggings, whether we’re in a warrior pose or doing squats, we can’t compromise on the comfort and stretch of our activewear. That’s why we are so excited to see Blossom Yoga Wear’s new Spring Collection that’s not only stylish but eco-friendly too!


We love your yoga brand - what made you start Blossom Yoga Wear? 


I worked as aMerchandise Director for many years at a large high street retailer and had become tired of the long hours and travel. I wanted to enjoy a better work-life balance, so I left without really knowing what I would do next. I began practising Hot Yoga soon after I left and quickly became addicted to how it made me feel. At this point, my workout wardrobe consisted of black, black and yet more black, but my yoga teachers were always in the most beautiful colourful prints. 

With my newfound love of yoga and my retail background, I thought it would be fun to create a yoga brand that was both stylish and comfortable yet affordable. That was 5 years ago, and I've not looked back since. I now enjoy an almost perfect work-life balance whilst running my own business and practising yoga at the studio every day. I even had a month in Goa before the pandemic to complete my yoga teacher training.


The natural world is so important to us, and we love that you do eco-friendly activewear -why is this important to you?  


As we all know, the planet is not in a great place and if we want it to still be here for our children’s children, and keep our wildlife safe, we all need to do everything we can to reverse the effects.


When I first started the brand, I always wanted the leggings to be made from an eco-fabric, but I found it incredibly difficult to source eco-friendly fabric fit for purpose. It was all so thin it would never pass the Downward Dog/squat test, and who wants their underwear showing when working out? Eventually, at a trade show in Germany, we finally found an eco-friendly fabric made from yarn created from recycled plastic bottles. This was a turning point for us, and we have not introduced a single new design that is not made from eco fabrics. All plastic bags are now biodegradable, and our tops are hand wrapped in recyclable tissue paper. Our products are built to last too, and still have fans posting pictures wearing some of our original designs from 5 years ago!


Your funky prints are really fun and eye-catching, which is your fave pair?  


Obviously, I love all of them, but I think the pair that always makes me happy when I wear them is the ‘Toucan Do It’. They are super bright and colourful and look amazing, whatever shape or size you are.


What do you love about yoga?  


Where to start!Initially, I loved how it enabled me to move my body in ways I never thought I would at my age. I have never really found an exercise I stuck with (apart from hiking) until I found yoga. Yoga is as much for your mind as your body and, I have found I can switch off more easily. My yoga teacher creates really creative flows, which makes it impossible to think about anything other than what you are doing in that exact moment, or else you will totally lose the plot. 


I have met so many wonderful, warm, and kind people through yoga, and it's a lovely space in which to work and play. This is so refreshing after the politics of corporate life. The most dramatic and surprising thing to me, about yoga, is the way it has taught me to let go. When everything hits the fan, I just let it go, no more holding on to things that no longer serve you, and this makes for a much calmer and happy life.


If you could teleport anywhere to ‘retreat yourself’ where would you go? 


I think it would probably be Costa Rica. A friend I made through Blossom Yoga Wear onInstagram spent a year there recently, and I loved watching her experiences in the country. It looks so chilled and beautiful, and the wildlife is insane. Maybe now we can travel again I will be lucky enough to make it there.


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