Rethink Hydration

We all know we should be drinking water regularly, but do we fully understand what ‘keep hydrated’ means?


We are told to drink roughly 2 litres of water a day but that doesn’t only mean glasses of the clear H2O, oh no. Many other liquids (and even food) we consume contain water and go towards our daily intake – tea and coffee included!


If we are hydrated, our urine should be clear? Incorrect– healthy urine should have some colour to it due to certain vitamins being present. In fact, perpetually clear urine can be a sign we are drinking TOO much water, which dilutes the body’s electrolytes. However, unusually dark or cloudy urine should be brought to the attention of your GP.


Hydration levels can affect our physical strength, reducing motivation and increasing our tiredness. We are made up of 60% water ad every cell in our body requires water’s life-giving elements to survive, plus it also has a direct effect on our mood! Keep hydrated and nourish your body – you will reap the benefits.


Staying hydrated keeps your metabolic rate running at an optimum level and aids weight loss but this isn’t just because it’s filling up your stomach. Water empties from the stomach very quickly in fact, so eating food with a high water content such as fruit, vegetables, soups and grains is actually more beneficial.


Don’t live life in a chronic state of mild dehydration. Keep your body’s system pure from the inside out.


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