Rest and heal: Tips for better sleep

Getting in all the Zzz’s is one of the best ways to ensure you are looking and feeling your best in both mind and body. But when was the last time you woke feeling refreshed and alert, ready to take on the day?


Many of us struggle to drop off at night and are left tackling a tough day feeling sluggish from a lack of quality sleep when we need to be on the ball and our hormones take a hit leading to reaching out for a sugary hit to power through the afternoon. So why not try out some of our top tips to reset your body and mind:


Expose yourself to natural light throughout the day – will help you tune into your natural body clock so you can maintain your sleep – wake cycle.


Gentle yoga poses – increase a sense of relaxation. Focus on your breathing whilst in the rest pose called ‘wide-knee child’s’ pose to calm a feeling of calm and stability. A ‘Legs up the wall’ pose is great if you are on your feet all day as it helps recirculate your blood flow.


Make your bedroom dreamy – Mum was right,“tidy up that tip!” Decluttering any mess can help you drop off more easily as what your eyes take in when they walk into a room can have a direct effect on how easy you find it to fall asleep.


Take a warm bath – an hour or two before bedtime, the heat from the water not only relaxes tense muscles, helping you destress, but it also heart rate and blood pressure too.


Read a bedtime story – the term ‘get lost in a book’ is actually correct, reading a book for even 6minutes will relax the brain and reduce stress as you are transported away from reality and into a world of imagination and escapism. Try, if you can, to pickup a physical book rather than a Kindle due to the backlighting.


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