Reduce your Stress Levels on a Sand Sea Spa Retreat.

Stress seems to be part and parcel of life and as individuals, we hold stress indifferent ways.

You may have noticed your own body’s physical reaction to stress: that nagging headache as you try to negotiate your weekly work calendar, an upset stomach before your morning commute, that red skin flare-up reflected in the mirror, and that familiar aching jaw from teeth grinding at night to name a few. Internalising stress can also lead to emotional reactions such as anxiety, panic attacks or depression.

Although we cannot provide you with the magic cure to stress, we can suggest simple and easy changes you can do to make your life healthier and reduce stress and anxiety. Taking a retreat break is a great way to press the reset button and quiet the mind, taking you away from the hubbub of the city and into the arms of nature:

1.   Exercise – lowers the body’s stress hormones and releases feel-good endorphins. At our Sand Sea Spa Retreat, you can choose from fun cardio PT workouts to gentle yoga classes, so long as you are doing something you enjoy you will reap the benefits. Our retreat PTs and Yoga teachers will on hand to tailor your sessions to you, so you receive the maximum benefit.

2.   Space – overlooking the North Devon coast and the pumping surf of the Atlantic Ocean, you are in for a treat, with stunning vistas and skyscapes to calm the soul. Opportunities to explore hidden paths are plentiful for the adventurous types as walks and hikes lead you down unknown paths of discovery.

3.   Write it down – luxuriate in having time and space to reflect and gain perspective on your life. Embracing the simple life and focusing on gratitude can really have a positive effect on stress.

4.   Laugh – and not just a quick giggle, we mean one of those big, belly, face-aching ones. Imagine jumping through waves and cheering your friends on in the surf as your body releases tension with the uncontrollable laughter around you. That’s what you get on our retreats with our fun surf lessons catered to all levels. Who doesn’t want to put a non-stop smile on their face?

5.   Light a candle – on a Sand Sea Spa Retreat you can luxuriate at our Source Spa Wellness where therapists offer a vast number of relaxing skincare and holistic wellness therapies to soothe, invigorate and nourish.


Don’t let stress get the better of you, let us help you channel the positivity and boost your wellbeing. Know you have made the first step in looking after your health by contacting us on and find out more about what we have to offer you.