Our favourite self-love ideas for the perfect Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is nearing and it’s a lovely excuse to give that little extra bit of love to those we care about. But don’t forget to pamper yourself with the same level of love and kindness you plan to sprinkle on others!


The most important relationship we have, is the one we have with ourselves. Brush off any negative thoughts about being self-indulgent – the benefits to mind and body is well worth it! A little bit of self-care will manifest itself into a feeling of having control over your life, and who wouldn’t love a bit more oft hat? Take a look at some of our favourite ideas to sprinkle some self-love onYOU!


Take a forest bath. Sounds weird? It’s a Japanese concept of shinrin-yoku which teaches the benefits of spending time in nature and its power to relax and rejuvenate. Connecting with nature has so many benefits to our wellbeing, calming our mind and building resilience. Give it a go, where is your nearest forest?


Do something you love. When you do just that, your mood skyrockets and your energy is boosted. Schedule in time to do things just for you – whether it’s walking in a beautiful place, reading a book, writing a journal, dancing to music in your bedroom, visiting the theatre, trying out a new sport or even going on a spa weekend. You will feel great!


Exercise. Regular physical activity is a self-care technique. Science shows it helps relieve stress and boosts the release of endorphins in the body, helping to ease stress and anxiety. Our Sand Sea Spa retreats focus on fitness sessions by the sea where the power of nature recharges mind, body and soul.


Just breathe. Super easy, there’s nothing to it. Or is there? Deep breathing stills the mind and just as little as 5 minutes can help reduce stress, lower your heart rate, and regulate blood pressure. Download a breathing app like Calm or The Breathing App to help you master the techniques and then have a go yourself.


Try aromatherapy. Lavender has been shown to reduce anxiety and inhalation of the scent calms the brain.Try lighting a lavender candle while in the bath or create a cute posy to pop into a vase in your office or lounge. Can’t stand lavender? Try peppermint or lemongrass scents. Why not try out the benefits of an aromatherapy massage –read about this in our blog (add link) and luxuriate in natural scents that harness the power of nature.


Happy Valentine’s Day, you gorgeous lot!


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