Our favourite healthy pancake toppings

Pancake day may have just been last week but let’s not write off this delicious and filling breakfast option for another 365 days, shall we?


Made from scratch, pancakes are a lot healthier than you might first think. Using wholewheat flour is a great way to boost your fibre intake.Healthy toppings will also add extra vitamins, fibre, and protein to keep you full all morning. Try out some of our super simple healthy toppings and make pancakes a breakfast menu regular in your house.



How can this be healthy you may ask? Well, dollop a blob of Greek yoghurt on top and sprinkle raw cacao nibs liberally – get that chocolate hit!


Sweet and simple

Slice a lemon super thin and lay on the pancake and generously top with coconut sugar for a zesty sweet mouthful.


It’s crunch time

Smear peanut butter on your pancake and top with any seeds, nuts and dried fruit.


Strawberries and ‘cream’

Dollop a spoonful of creamy Greek yoghurt on your pancake and top with fresh slices of strawberries.


Elvis is in the building

What better combo is there? Slather crunchy peanut butter on your pancake and top heavily with thick slices of banana. Go the whole hog and add another smidge of peanut butter on top.