Keep Calm, it’s only Christmas!

Christmas and all the chaos and antics that comes with it can be enough to frazzle even the jolliest Christmas spirits. From feeding the five thousand for Christmas Day, racking your brains to get (yet another) family loved one who has everything the perfect meaningful gift or managing to squeeze in all the offers of Christmas drinks when all you want to do is sit on the sofa in Christmas jammies with a Celebrations box. That’s why we’ve brought you our top five tips for zenning out all the craziness and restoring balance and serenity to your Christmas period….all whilst still making room for a mince pie or two!


Tip 1: Get outside – we fully appreciate the natural calming effects of nature. It doesn’t take long to pop on some shoes or trainers and get outside and get your heart pumping. Try to block out time for exercise at least 3 times a week: a walk, a run, a wild swim, a yoga class – switch it up to avoid boredom. The benefits of all those endorphins, immune boosting properties to fend off winter bugs and better sleep quality far outweigh the colder temperatures.


Tip 2: Meditate – meditation is a great way to lower stress and anxiety but also it can provide you with an optimism boost. If you haven’t tried it before or unsure where is best to go, get in touch and we can advise or organise a meditation or mindfulness class for you while you attend a Sand Sea Spa Retreat here inNorth Devon.


Tip 3: Let it go – you too can be just like the Disney princess in her frozen tower. It’s not just for 5-year-old girls you know! Being confined to close quarters with certain family or family ‘in-laws’ is enough to set your teeth on edge but remember you are in control for how you choose to respond.Somethings in life we can control and others we cannot. It’s a fact of life and by choosing to react negatively can end up spoiling our own enjoyment of a special ‘once a year’ event.


Tip 4: Herbal tea – yes, we’re like kids in a sweetie shop when the latestStarbucks Christmas Menu comes out but there are only so many Toffee Nut CreamLattes one person can drink. Destress your mind and body with a hot cup of herbal tea. Try sipping a Chamomile or Mint tea which have relaxing effects to soothe the body and calm the mind.


Tip 5: Write it down – write down all the things you are thankful for. We’re big fans of journaling, it’s a great way to feel more in control when our minds are full of thoughts flying around and leaving us overwhelmed. Focus on small tangible details rather than generalised ones… I’m thankful for the greeting I get from my dog every time I arrived home.