Hydrotherapy: what you need to know.

The power of blue health is recognised as a therapeutic experience that can improve our general state of wellbeing. Immersion, floating and a pummelling massage are all part and parcel of a hydro-therapeutic experience. Whether it’s a cold-water dip to invigorate the skin, a whole-body workout surfing the waves of Saunton beach, floating in a marine vitality pool as water jets massage your body or completing rhythmical lengths of a pool, hydrotherapy has countless benefits for your mind and body


What is hydrotherapy? It’s a therapeutic whole-body treatment that enables you to harness the force of the water to support movement and exercise for the body.


What are examples of hydrotherapy?You will have probably competed hydrotherapy without realising it. It can include, any aquatic exercise, warm baths, saunas, Jacuzzis, immersion therapies etc.  


What are the benefits of hydrotherapy?Both body and mind conditions can benefit from hydrotherapy. Warm water hydrotherapy can help relax muscles and ease joint pain. Water supports your weight, easing pain and increasing range of movement which is great for back pain or muscular injuries.


Can hydrotherapy help with stress related conditions? Both the warm and cold temperatures help the body release endorphins, relaxing the body’s response to anxiety and stress. It also helps restore a sense of calm.


How will I feel after hydrotherapy?You may feel rather tired after a hydrotherapy session or utterly invigorated so give yourself a moment to assess and decide if you are following it up with a gym session or just a good old power nap! If you are staying in a spa, it can be nice to follow it up with a beauty treatment or massage to really tap into that ‘whole body’ wellness. And remember – hydrotherapy can leave you feeling pretty hungry so go prepared!


You can get the full hydrotherapy package on a Sand Sea Spa retreat.Located on the coast of North Devon, the Atlantic Ocean provides its own hydrotherapy pool with cold water swims and surfing to enjoy and our luxury spa has its own marine vitality pool and indoor and outdoor swimming pools to hydrotherapy your heart out! To find out more about our hydro-therapeutic opportunities or our spa retreat packages, contact us today hello@sandseasparetreats.com.