How to keep out the cold on winter walks

December has arrived and there’s nothing more festive or romantic than a wintery walk, the frosty air, an icy crunch of grass underfoot and a winter wonderland all around you. We absolutely love it but let’s make sure we keep ourselves toasty warm as cold toes and numb fingers aren’t a fun accompaniment. Here’s some of our Devon retreat teams’ tips on how to keep that biting Jack Frost wind out this season:


Base layers: Make sure you wear material that will wick away moisture from the skin (with cold comes rain, especially in the UK!) and insulates your body. Merino wool is a fantastic choice as it’s both natural, breathable – and beautifully soft!


Insulating layer: Microfleeces are the perfect choice as they can come on or off to help regulate body temperature if you don’t fancy feeling like a bulky snowman.


Outer layer: Windproof, water-resistant outer layers will help keep out the elements. Check out GoreTex jackets in outdoor specialist stores and keep an eye out for additional features, such as armpit zippers for breathability, comfortable hoods and two-way zips that can loosen the jacket around the hips.


Head: Make sure your head is snug as a bug with your favourite bobble hat; we can lose up to 10% of our body heat from here.


Toes (and feet): Keep your feet warm and dry by choosing waterproof walking shoes. Hiking boots or trail running shoes are also great choices but if you don’t want to spend out, try coating your shoes with a water repellent fabric treatment. Choose flexible soles for long lasting comfort or a Wellington or snow boot may be preferred if you’re planning on shorter, slower walks such as dog walking, but be mindful, they may not offer the support you require for a longer walking distances.


Hands: Equally prone to bone chills, remember that mittens are much more effective at keeping hands toasty in comparison to gloves. If you’re worried that mittens may not be as phone friendly as gloves, rest assured, many gloves now come with over mittens for this.


If you’re looking for a change of scenery for your next wintery walk then contact us for a spa retreat in Devon Come and explore some of nature’s hidden gems on our wild coastline.