How Do You Eat Your Eggs?

Eggs – cheap, easy and naturally packaged portable snack, in fact we’d go as far to say they’re pretty darn close to being the ‘perfect’ food choice in terms of being rich in protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals while being relatively low in calories and carbs. 


We love an egg breakfast choice but let’s make sure we don’t pigeon-hole them. Due to their egg-cellent benefits, we’ve got some great suggestions to bring the humble egg into the lunch and dinner of your day:


o  Tuck into a lunchtime poached egg Buddha Bowl with fibre rich quinoa and topped with your fave veggies – we love grilled asparagus, pan-fried green beans or sautéed mushrooms.


o  Brunch pizza is a real crowd pleaser or late-night snack option. Fry and crumble up some sausages then add to a tomato pizza base. Next, make a simple omelette mix of eggs, milk and pepper. Fry until almost set, then spoon over the sausage topping. Sprinkle with hash browns, cheese and parmesan and bake at 200 degrees for 20 minutes.


o  Everything tastes better with an egg on it and stir-fried rice bowls are no exception –spice levels can be tweaked to meet every tastebud and you can add in as many veggie accompaniments as you want – why not try carrots, aubergines and mushrooms.


o  Go retro with curried egg on toast. Mix 2tbsp low fat mayo, ¼ tsp curry powder, ¼tsp honey and a sprinkle of ground ginger. Stir in 2-3 roughly chopped hardboiled eggs and 1 salad onion. Spread on toasted bread and top with fresh tomatoes and a dash of black pepper.


o  Loaded jacket skins are perfect for all ages, bake the potatoes and scoop out the fluffy stuff. Meanwhile, fry veggies such as diced red onion, mushrooms and peppers till soft, add the fluffy potato inside, eggs, grated cheese and sour cream and stir. Refill the jacket skins and bake in an over for 10 minutes.