Healthy Summer Smoothies

It’s summertime and even if we aren’t sat on a tropical beach right now, we can let in the sun with some of our delicious, healthy summertime tropical smoothie ideas. Not only are they healthy and packed with nutrients, but they’ll also keep you full and give you a burst of energy to get you through the day with a skip in your step.


Prepare them quickly at home and take them to the beach or park if you are lucky enough to be on holidays, or work.Take a slice of summertime wherever you go.


Vit C Booster


This is great to serve, freshly made and ice cold, with a gathering of friends.


1 mango

1 banana

2 juicy oranges

1 yoghurt

Handful of ice cubes


Peel and cut into pieces. Put the fruits, yogurt and ice cubes in a blender. Blend. Boom, you’re done! You can even add a little bit of ginger if you like for extra zing!!



Kiwi Kick!


Kiwis are so exotic pretty and oh so delicious, they had to make the list!


2 kiwis

1 avocado

1 apple

½ lime


Peel and cut the fruit into pieces and blend with the lime juice. You can add a little bit of water if you want.



Cherry Cheer


Not only will this colourful red smoothie brighten up your day, it’s super quick to prepare and you’ll feel like you’re on holiday in an instant!


200g cherries

200g strawberries

4 pitted prunes

1 lime

Dash of cinnamon


Blend the fruit and prunes with ½ the lime juice. Add the other ½ of lime at the end and add cinnamon.



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