Healthy nibbles for on-the-go

Whether you need a nutritious, on-the-go option to have in your bag on a busy back-to-back meeting day or to help hunger pangs on the commute back home, healthy snacks on the go can be a game-changer for your busy days.


To keep the hunger monster at bay, we’ve hand-picked some of our favourites that you can keep in your bag and keep hunger at bay.


Roasted chickpeas

A protein-packed vegan snack with a satisfying crunch. All you need is a can of drained chickpeas, spread them on a baking tray, drizzle with olive oil and a generous sprinkle of sea salt and bake for 30 minutes.



Made from beef, chicken, or turkey, they’re perfectly portable and packed with protein they’re a great snack-attack addition to your bag. Check the product is low-sodium and low-sugar as brands can vary.


Apples and almond butter

The perfect mix of sweet, savoury. Simply cut up one regular apple and then dip in unsweetened almond butter. Totally yummy and a fave protein hit go-to for us!



You can get these sushi restaurant staples in most supermarkets now and are low in calories but high in protein for a refreshing on-the-go crunch.


Wholegrain protein bars

Be careful that you are led astray by sneaky marketing labels, “protein” doesn’t always mean healthy and often contain a lot of sugar. Look for the ‘wholegrain’ bar that’s low in sugar with more protein than carbohydrate.


Hard-boiled eggs

Naturally packaged and packing a protein punch, these are great on-the-go options.