Go bananas: Our favourite banana bread recipe ideas

It’s not just a lockdown obsession, banana bread is a great recipe to have to hand should you have a bunch sitting, untouched, slowly going brown in your fruit bowl. It’s also packed with healthy perks which will be music to your ears!


Bananas are high in potassium, which is great news for reducing blood pressure, it’s also packed with fibre, a nutrient that can help you lose or maintain your bodyweight. It is also a good source of magnesium and vitamin C. Science aside, bananas are super convenient, ready-wrapped by nature – way better than a shop-bought packaged snack. A versatile kitchen addition, it's also fantastic as a sugar replacement and homemade banana bread proves it!


To produce your healthiest banana bread possible, try some of our ideas:


#1 A lot of banana bread recipes still include a lot of white sugar. Try replacing it with ground flaxseed which is super rich in fibre and plant-based fat yet still creates that familiar texture and moistness of a classic loaf.


#2 Swap butter and eggs for coconut milk and oil for a vegan friendly loaf. To up the nutrient value, add some crumbled walnuts to boost the omega-3 fatty acids.


#3 Up the nutrient levels by chucking in some veggies that are like bananas.Carrots are a great replacement, high in fibre and vitamin A.


#4 Why not give it an autumnal twist by mixing in some mashed up sweet pumpkin fora natural sweetness kick. Not only that, but you’ll also get an antioxidant boost too


#5 Banana bread for breakfast? You’ll want a recipe that will keep you full right up until lunch. Add in a protein ingredient such as yoghurt or use prunes, which will not only add to the sweetness, but also up the fibre in every slice.


#6 Accompany your morning coffee break with a complimentary slice of banana bread with added dark chocolate and espresso powder, to kick-start your day.