Foods that boost your immunity

Never have we been so conscious of any ache, cough, or general signs of being run-down. Anxiety is rife over catching bugs of any sort (not to mention the dreaded Coronavirus word!) seems to be high on the list of worries these days. So, let’s change our worries into positive action and make sure we are putting immune boosting foods into our daily diet:


Mushrooms–massively help keep the immune system firing on all cylinders. With their mineral and vitamin make up, they are useful in boosting the flavour of savoury dishes so add them to your scrambled eggs in the morning, layer them into your lasagne or stuff them as a starter.


Pomegranate – found to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria. They have antiviral properties and can promote growth of gut flora. Enjoy breaking them open and picking out their red jewelled seeds, add to the toppings of tarts, winter salads or meats to add vibrant colour or even mix with rice.  


Acai Berry –a black/purple fruit of the acai palm tree has South American heritage and is high in antioxidants, which boost immunity and reduce inflammation. They can be tricky to get hold of so why not buy in bulk online and keep them in the freezer. Share the cost between any like-minded friends and enjoy an acai smoothie or bowl together.  


Miso soup –favoured by the Japanese for centuries, this salty paste is made from soybeans and is rich in probiotics – benefitting both the gut and the immune system due to its fermented status. Create a ramen broth or simply sip a mugful.  


Watermelon – contains, potassium, vitamin A and vitamin C plus it has virtually zero calories. All these properties help our immune system function. If you’re bored of just eating slices of the stuff, why not make an icy strawberry and watermelon lemonade? Or serve up a plate of watermelon and feta cheese salad.


Oysters– a nutrient dense powerhouse, these babies contain a serious amount of the critical vitamins and minerals necessary for immune system powering. If it’s something you only ever choose in a restaurant. Why not look at making a homemade oyster stew or stuffing as a winter alternative?


Garlic – rich in antioxidants, these bulbs are bountiful in benefitting the body! With antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiviral properties, there isn’t much these garlics can’t do to boost our immune system. Raw or cooked, add garlic to sauces, stir-fries, and soups. Rub it on bread, mix it in dips and oils –basically bung it in everything!


Chicken soup –turns out, Mum was right, ingredients in homemade chicken soup can help you get over colds quicker and decreasing the mucus stimulation. Too poorly or tired, to make it? Canned will still be able to ease cold symptoms.


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