Christmas food that’s good for you

We are well into the swing of Christmas and the familiar words of, ‘go on, it’s Christmas’ may have left you feeling somewhat sluggish. At Sand Sea Spa Retreats, here in North Devon, we believe life is all about balance and living in the moment. So, try not to let feelings of guilt overshadow your happiness, spending time with your family on the big day – because that’s what’s important!


Mince pies and Ferrero Rocher aside, you may not have realised but many of our favourite festive ingredients are packed full of goodness:


Turkey – the king of the Christmas dinner table – complete with crown! This bird is packed with protein; the white breast meat has the lowest fat content and is vitamin-rich too, so tuck in!


Cranberry Sauce – these sweet berries are bursting with antioxidants and are perfect for soothing the liver after those work Christmas party drinks. They also help lower the risk of UTI infections. Making your own cranberry sauce means you have more control over the sugar content and it’s super easy to freeze too. Fresh cranberries contain high levels of vitamin C, which are often lost in the manufacturing process.


Brussel Sprouts – a little bit like marmite, we are either lovers or loathers of this Christmas table staple.Either way, you can’t argue with the fact they are so good at helping ease the post-Christmas dinner bloat due to their high fibre content. They also have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties too so why not add a few more to your dinner plate this Christmas. We’re excited to see what festive twists our Devon retreat chef has for these little green power balls!


Carrots – a firm family favourite and with antioxidant properties, they will help keep your cells happy and healthy. Carrot’s potassium content will also help balance out any increased salt intake from all those snack bowls of nibbles we have just lying about.


Clementines – not only provide a lovely pop of colour to the décor but are healthy nibble alternative to leave out for guests.Fresh fruit intake can reduce over the festive period so, help keep guts fed with friendly flora as well as combat constipation and up our fibre intake.


Red Wine – hooray, it’s music to our ears, wine’s antioxidants contain specific types that help the brain and nerve cells too but be mindful to balance out any increased intake by alternating with water; your liver will thank you for your kindness.


Good food habits aren't just for Christmas, they should follow with you into 2022. If you’re thinking of planning a retreat in Devon, then Sand Sea Spa Retreats can help you with any nutrition and healthy lifestyle ideas you might need. Contact us to find out more on