Balancing BBQ season and healthy eating

Hooray – the sun is out and it’s grill-o’clock! We love a summer barbecue party: fun tunes, floaty dresses, and a chance have a couple of cold beers with friends in the beautiful outdoors! However, barbecue food can be a bit of a minefield with some barbecue food being high in salt and saturated fat, plus it’s easy to eat and drink more at a barbecue than you usually would.


So, if you’re looking for quick, tasty and healthy choices at your next barbecue soiree, you’ve come to the right place!


1.    Choose lean meat by ditching the ribs for pork loin or relinquishing Rib-Eye for a Sirloin Tip Side steak (which still holds great flavour despite its leaner cut!). Red meat is packed with protein and contain immune boosting iron and vitamin B-12 so don’t limit your choices. OK, it’s more expensive, but if you slice or cube it and create kebabs with mushrooms, pepper and courgette it’ll go much further!


2.    Sausage lovers do not despair, but you will need to scrutinise the nutritional information to ensure you have the lowest salt/saturated fat content. Do not fall into the trap that more expensive sausages are healthier either!


3.    Marinades will relieve any worry you may have that meat will be dry after a flame grilling session especially if you choose a lemon or vinegar base which will tenderise the meat. Replace shop-bought marinades for lower salt homemade varieties. Fresh herbs, citrus fruits are great to add a burst of flavour once the food is cooked or why knock up your own spice paste.  


4.    Light salad dressings such as a vinaigrette is a healthier choice than the creamier options. But if you want that creamy hit then try mixing low-fat yoghurt with mayonnaise to lighten the fat content.