7 simple actions to make you feel happier

Not everything in life must be complicated. Happiness often comes when we strip back our lives to their simplest form. These simple things are present everyday, but we often overlook them or even register them as a simple injection of happiness in our busy lives.


Try prioritising one from this list to mindfully do in your own life this week and focus on how it can bring happiness to your everyday:


1.   Go outside and hear the birds sing -watching and listening to birds can be a beautiful, spiritual, meditative experience, enabling you to be in the present moment.


2.   Dedicate phone free time with loved ones - one of the easiest ways to do this is to turn off notifications from email, instant messaging, and other apps. These are made to pull your attention away from what you’re doing, making you reach for your phone.


3.   Make your bed- it's a way to begin the morning in an organised manner, making the most of your day and leaving you with a feeling of accomplishment and a sense of calm.


4.   Go for a walk -walking for 30 minutes a day or more is a great way to improve or maintain your overall health. Walking with others can turn exercise into an enjoyable social occasion. Why not make a weekend of it and come and explore the beauty of NorthDevon?


5.   Make time to read –you may find inspiration from lists of “best” book recommendations, but makesure you read for yourself. Read for your own pleasure and education. If you read books that are based on your own interest and joy, you will find yourselfmaking more time to read.


6.   Complete a random act of kindness -we all know how a random act of kindness can make the recipient feel. But it also can make you feel good too, by releasing endorphins. These happy molecules are great at naturally fighting stress.


Observing and appreciating the simple things in life offers us a mindful balance that generates countless wellbeing benefits. If you feel like taking some time to strip back to the simple life, check out our bespoke retreats available inNorth Devon: www.sandseasparetreats.com