5 Ways to Reset After the Summer

The tan is fading and so are the memories of drinking sunset cocktails sat on Devon beaches. As we slowly ease back into work and office life, all the summer’s excesses may have us feeling a little soft around the edges - so maybe a bit of a reset could be in order…


We’ve got some simple ideas on how to climb back onto the healthy bandwagon:


1.    Switch up your exercise


There’s no need to attend a 5-days a week army style bootcamp here in Devon (we aren’t that brutal!) but switching your body back into movement mode can only be a good thing! Whether it’s trying anew yoga class here in Braunton or Croyde or getting a taste fora new outdoor activity such as surfing or SUPing is just the ticket! Is your default mode always set to running? If so, mixing up your regime can activate different areas of your body – you’ll reap the benefits! 


2.    Rethink your nutrition


Start out by assessing your inner snack monster (the one that strikes mid-morning or mid-afternoon when you’re picking up a coffee!) and ensure you have healthier options to hand such as nuts or fruit. Grazing on your kids’ leftovers is also an easy action to cut – initiating small calorie deficit changes and you’ll notice a change in both your body and mind. 


Check out our #SaturdayKitchen posts on our @sandseasparetreatInstagram to find out great seasonal suggestions and easy recipes to try out. Try to eat seasonally where you can benefit from all the nutrients. 


3.    Rein in the alcohol consumption


Habits can be hard to break, and those summer nights of cooling cocktails and vino should stay in the summer (for a little while at least!). We aren’t a total Scrooge, just cut down at first and see how you go. We’re confidant you’ll feel a lot more in control of body and mind – plus your mornings will feel less of an uphill struggle to get out of bed, which is a great incentive! 


4.    Start a new ritual


Tidying your home can be a great detox for the mind. Clearing your home space from clutter and junk Marie Kondo-style can be really therapeutic for the mind. 


5.    Prioritise Self-Care


Get inspiration on our #WellnessSunday IG tiles and try putting aside time for yourself. Whether it’s a home facial, a fun bath bomb and a good book or just taking yourself out for a walk in nature. It’s important to give yourself space and time to reflect and quieten the mind.  


If you’re struggling with where to start with a reset and feel like you need some help, come and take a break with us in beautiful Devon and feel rejuvenated in your body and mind after the summer.